Raspberry Chocolate Layer Cake


Sorry for all the silence here recently! The summer has been flying by and we haven’t had quite as much time to cook and blog as we like. Since we’re both recovering from wisdom tooth surgery this week, it’s the perfect time for us to share some recipes that we’ve neglected to post about.

Anyway, a couple of weeks back it was our grandmom’s birthday and she requested a cake with a lot of chocolate involved. This cake definitely delivered. It was three layers of dense, fudgy chocolate cake (almost like a brownie but a little softer) with a fresh raspberry filling and a super fluffy chocolate frosting. While it was delicious, I’d recommend not making it a triple-layer cake (I think two layers would be perfect). If you do go the triple-layer route, small pieces are a necessity since it’s so rich.

Rather than listing out all the instructions here, I’m going to just link you to the blogs behind the recipes! For the most part, we followed them pretty completely and all of them have great detailed posts. Check them out. This cake is not one you want to miss!

Chocolate Cake recipe from Annie’s Eats

Frosting from Sweetapolita (We suggest making a double batch to frost this cake; we also omitted the Nutella for some unknown reason- I think it would go great with the raspberry flavor!)

Raspberry Filling from Annie’s Eats (We recommend cooking it a little longer than the recipe suggests when you’re using it to fill a cake, just so that it’s stable)

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  1. juliemason5 says:

    gorgeous cake!!! yum!

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