Oreo Peppermint Bark


This peppermint bark is pretty much amazing- there are no other words to describe it. Peppermint bark is usually delicious made in the traditional fashion (unless the layers of chocolate and white chocolate are too thick, resulting in a boulder of hard-to-eat candy) but adding chopped Oreos to the top brought these up a couple of levels. Oreos go very well with mint, and obviously well with chocolate, so there is really no way that this could ever be bad. The nice thing is that this bark is easy to adapt to taste. Don’t like a lot of mint? Add less. Love mint? Add more (you could even add peppermint oil to the regular chocolate or white chocolate to add an extra kick of flavor). Add as many Oreos as you want. This is such a simple treat, and the bonus is that there is no oven required (a good thing, since our oven remained locked after our mom turned on the self-cleaning function. We haven’t had an oven for several days now. Luckily an appliance guy is coming soon!). Make some of this bark for your family and friends for Christmas and they will surely be happy to receive it!


Oreo Peppermint Bark

Recipe created by us

With the amount of chocolate listed below, there will be about 6 servings of candy (but this may vary depending on the size of each piece and how much people eat)


Good quality bittersweet chocolate, broken into large pieces (We used about 7 ounces)

Good quality white chocolate, broken into large pieces (We used about 9 ounces, but you can use an equal ratio of chocolate to white chocolate)

Candy canes (we used about 3/4 of a box of candy canes)

Oreos (we used about 1 1/2 rows of the cookies)

(Optional: add a couple drops of peppermint oil to either of the chocolates to add more mint flavor)


Melt chocolate over a double boiler (we use a bowl set over a pot of water). Be careful to cook just until melted so that once it cools it keeps its sheen and snap. Pour over a baking sheet with parchment paper and smooth very thin with a spatula. Put the pan in the fridge or freezer to harden. Meanwhile, chop up the oreos to desired size chunks. Pulverize about half of the candy canes until they are almost powder. Roughly chop the rest of the candy canes. Melt the white chocolate and stir in the almost-powder candy canes. Let cool for several minutes, then pour over the solid chocolate and smooth with a spatula. Top with oreo chunks and the roughly chopped candy cane pieces and return to the fridge or freezer until completely solid. Once solid, break into pieces and serve. Enjoy!

Side note: The most important part of this recipe is to use good-quality chocolate. This bark will only taste as good as the chocolate you use in it. This means real white chocolate, not the white baking bar that contains hydrogenated oils. Certain exceptions can be made with chocolate, like in chocolate chip cookies and other things like that, where chocolate isn’t the primary ingredient. But here, it’s worth it! You’ll be glad you used good chocolate because your results will be so much better!

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